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Place of Interest

Located 36kms from here, Thenmala is the first eco tourism destination in India. Thenmala attracts foreign and domestic tourists with a host of attractions, boating on the lake, a rope bridge, trekking, Rock climbing, Mountain Biking, Valley Crossing, Flying Fox, Deer Rehabilitation centre and a musical fountain. The waterfall called Palaruvi is a prime attraction nearby.
Waterfalls & Cascade
Experience the refreshment at these spellbound destinations. Have fun by taking a dip into the natural pools.
  • Kumbarutti Falls -23 kms via Parpozhi
  • Palaruvi - 26 kms
  • Manimuthar Dam - 40 kms
  • Papanasam - 45 kms
  • Main Falls - 5 km
  • Five Falls – 0.5 kms
  • Tiger Falls - 8 kms
Nava Thirupathi
This 9 Sacred Srivaishnava Temples located near Tirunelveli are known as Nava Thirupathi. Starting from Srivaikuntam one can visit all the nine temples on foot and offer prayers to all perumal in a single day. In these two temples Alwarthirunagari and Srivaikuntam every year festival is celebrated in the month of September.
Wildlife Sanctuary
Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary is unique in its scenic beauty and authentic ambience of nature and unmatchable trekking. Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary offers an opportunity to limited wildlife and nature loving enthusiasts for experiencing the wilderness and richness of wildlife through its unique boating package.

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